Account Management

Olympia Travel recognises that our customers seek a pro-active consultancy service that enables value for money to be achieved. Therefore, our approach is to assist your company to form and structure an account management team and our involvement will be the total management of all aspects of your travel requirements, from implementation to supplier negotiations, or we can provide a less involved consultative approach, if you prefer. We are able to provide large variety of standard management reports which provide a detailed analysis of your monthly travel expenditures upon request. These management reports help the company to evaluate and monitor travel costs.

At Olympia Travel, we extend our services far beyond simply booking travel arrangements. We provide comprehensive travel management solutions to the corporate customers we serve. Our services include:

• Dedicated operation teams
• A competitive service fee structure
• Proactive and aggressive focus on reducing travel costs
• Ongoing, proactive advice regarding travel management strategies which coincide with each customer’s business goals and culture
• Access to promotional offers on airfare, car rental and hotel accommodation etc. for immediate savings
• Assistance to leverage on customer’s volume to negotiate even deeper discounts when applicable
• Comprehensive fare search includes web-fares, customer-specific contract fares, and reputable consolidator’s fares

All Olympia customers are assigned an Account Manager to assist with the ongoing, proactive management of their travel programmes. The Account Manager serves as the key point of contact for the duration of our partnerships
• Overseeing all existing and new customers
• Effectively managing the overall partnership
• Reviewing of monthly travel and financial reports upon request 
• Acting as liaison between Olympia Travel’s operation teams and the customers to quickly resolve any issues that may arise
• Regular account reviews to ensure that we are consistently meeting the customers’ objectives