Our Services

Personalised Service
We pride ourselves on building individual relationships with each of our customers and having the ability to provide the flexibility needed to ensure a tailored and complete business travel management programme.

We understand that travel is most likely not your only responsibility, and that on of the primary reasons for exploring your travel management options is to find a solution and a partner that will relieve the burden internally. With Olympia Travel, you can count on us to partner with you for a successful implementation!

Value Added Service
Value added service is one of the most essential elements in Olympia Travel and we know how to provide that extra touch to treat our customers.

Providing you with superior customer service is Olympia Travel’s chief priority. Having worked with travellers and companies across different industries, we understand the importance and sensitivity of individual needs and pledge to develop a programme specifically catered to your company’s needs and expectations.

Flight Reservation System
We are able to provide worldwide reservations and ticketing for the destinations and airlines of your choice. Our Travel Planners will always quote alternative fares ensuring that the most competitive fare available is offered to our valued customers.